Friday, 29 February 2008

Jambo! Mambo!

Finally back from my adventures in Africa and many a tale of success to tell. February really has been a fantastic month. It was great to ride up in Todmorden again with all the friendly old familiar faces, share a beer and generally catch up without having to type at 100wpm! Chipps's 40th birthday ride was slow and relaxed, as was expected, and made all the better for his sisters homemade coconut ice - I haven't had that since I was a child!

The cold, crisp weather highlighted the hills in all their Calderdale glory. It also meant I was freezing and the ambling pace was hardly sweat inducing. I managed a quick coffee for a final few chats before having to drive home Saturday night to catch the plane Sunday morning - I have to say leaving was quite hard. I just don't get to ride with those guys enough any more and I see CG (G as in Chris) about twice a year if I'm lucky.

But there's no better excuse to leave a group of your best mates in the whole wide world having fun and getting drunk gearing up for a hell of a session, than catching a flight to Africa to fulfill a life long ambition; as excuses go, I reckon it's a valid one.

And so to the big story: actually you'll have to wait for that as I've got hundreds of photos to sort through and the garbled ramblings of a daily hand written diary to decipher. It'll all be up on the adventures page very soon. Needless to say, it was ace! Here's a summit day taster:

Mawenzi at sunrise from Kibo


simondbarnes said...

Ooooo nice pic. Look forward to seeing more!

G as in Chris said...

Gorgeous! I'm also anxious to hear and see. Sorry about not getting to see you off on Saturday. I was a bit her, occupied. ;~)

Anonymous said...

hey , is that meru in the background or killy ? whizzz

I hate mountains said...

Oooh, thats so pretty. Shame I was busy stumbling and vomiting a kilometre down the mountain. x

Shelly said...

Fab photo - a red wine moment for sure :-)