Thursday, 22 May 2008

It's Here!

My spangly new bike frame! (giggles like a small child) It was like Christmas morning when the delivery man knocked on the door, even though it was stupid-early o'clock I couldn't wait to open the box. And here it is:
Dekerf frameDekerf frameDekerf frame
Dekerf frame
Sweet huh! Have to say a great big thanks to Michael Golinski at Dekerf Cycle Innovations for getting it to me so quickly. It really is a thing of beauty and I hope the build I've got lined up does it justice (sadly my photographs don't). Hopefully it should be built in the next couple of weeks, but I'm still waiting on a few parts.


Simon said...

Nice colour :)

G as in Chris said...

Seems to be a pretty friggin' significant detail you've left out of our recent chats! :~P

I'm not really gay said...

good work

shame mines not here :-(

Robb Sutton (198) said...

Great frame! Congrats!