Sunday, 20 July 2008


I like DIY because there's always a real sense of satisfaction, a sense of pride in your work, a feeling of instant gratification and noticeable results; the feeling that all the hard work you've just put in has all been worthwhile and time well spent.

Today was a DIY day and in honour of Joolze Dymond's birthday, I have named my pantry after her. Dymond's Pantry: Before and After. (After hours of filling, sanding and painting.)
Dymond's pantry before
Dymond's pantry after

You see! A job well done and a day well spent!


Joolzed said...

What can I say??? I'm sooooooooo honoured;0)
Best birthday prezzie ever, (well apart from the ones Dave gets me!!! oh and ickle Paul..)
Gosh I may as well retire, I have reached my pinnacle.

G as in Chris said...

Where's the after picture? :~)

MTB Girl said...

"Where's the after picture?" You cheeky mare!

It's blatantly the one on the, er, right... I think. Er, hang on...

Well at least Joolze appreciates the sweat and toil and effort that was put into it.

Tony said...

Someone who spends so long making so little difference to the inside of a small dark cupboard that no one gets to see really does need to get out more, or get a pet.