Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Nice Cup of Tea

That's the first thing I have when I get back from holiday. Not very exciting, but a necessary evil when you've been drinking coffee in California for 10 days.

So my holiday to the SingleSpeed World Champs in Napa California was great fun - great friends, great wine, great conversation, great laughs, great beer, great whisky sour, great trails, great weather and the most amazing food I have ever, ever eaten!

I'll write more and put some pictures up on my adventures page when I get some more time. Due to flight delays and time differences it was a full 28 hours between leaving San Jose aeroport and arriving home Friday afternoon. A 4.30am start this morning has plunged my body clock into meltdown.

For now, just to show you how awful the weather was so you're not too jealous, here's a picture of us riding in Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz on Tuesday.
Santa Cruz riders
That's Chris's backside, Jessica, Laura Bontrager, me and Raquel.

You see, the sun was so bright we could barely see the Pacific ocean in the background because of the glare! It was so hot I kept having to stop to reapply factor 30 sunscreen, and the dust was really getting in my throat as well. Damn NorCal trails...


Simon said...

That's a neat trick riding in Santa Cruz on Monday at the same time as we were on the vineyard tour in Napa :)

MTB Girl said...

Don't know what you mean Simon, you must have read it wrong, it distinctly says Tuesday (now)... ;-)

Simon said...

I'm just jealous you got to ride whilst I was stuck on a poxy aeroplane :(

Tony said...

strange walking gear :)

Tony said...

bloody cheek best food you have ever eaten, what about the take away I bought you last time you were here!