Thursday, 4 September 2008

The New Regime

Things never go as planned do they? Originally I'd planned to kick off another "30 in 30" at the start of September using the momentum from my holiday - adding in a healthy eating plan, some weight loss and cutting back on my alcohol intake.

Obviously, the start to this was delayed due to various DIY set backs with my house again: the boiler still isn't working (that's 5 weeks without hot water); I've changed the upstairs plan and can't find lights so the electrician has been postponed; my hoover has broken and to top it all off now a fuse has blown in the fuse board so I don't have any downstairs lighting (just as the nights are drawing in). Owning a house really sucks sometimes.

So there was no time for riding on Monday and Tuesday but finally yesterday I managed to squeeze in my first ride and start my Autumn "30 in 30". And boy oh boy, is it Autumn! The first 10 minutes of the ride were met with strong winds and a heavy shower. It's very unusual for me to actually start a ride in the rain, I normally wait until it stops. So this shows a new found tenacity and enthusiasm for riding that I haven't had for some time. (It's also a good start to what could be a very wet and miserable winter.)

So, Day 1 - 1hr45m, 25 miles.
I think I might also start keeping a mileage and hours ridden log, just for a bit of motivation...


G as in Chris said...

Better late than never, I say. I'm up to 6 days in a row of empty stomach rides. Eight out of the last 9 days are ride days.

Simon said...

I'm heading out for ride 4/4 shortly. Not had any alcohol this month yet either. Eek!

steve said...


I got up at 6 this morning, looked out the windown and got back in bed

this weather is getting me down

and have drank every night so far this month, I think I'm doing a reverse 30 in 30 :-(

Simon said...

Come on Steve, pull yourself together!