Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New Steed

Time EdgeFirst road bike
Well actually it's not mine, I'm borrowing it for a while to get used to it before I take it to the Tour of Ireland at the start of May. So I have to say a great big thank you to my friend Paul Gibbons from Ludlow who has ever so kindly let me borrow it, especially as it's new. Brand new. I mean, never been ridden, picked up straight out of the shop and brought to me, new. I am the first person to ever ride it and I have to say it's a whole hunk of carbon goodness - Time EdgeFirst carbon frame and forks with Ultegra kit, Easton bars, stem and wheels; saddle (riders own.) I've got a swanky USE carbon bottle cage to go on it as well, just as a nice finishing touch.
Paul Gibbons

Paul 'Gibbo' Gibbons
Photo: Joolze Dymond

It's the first time I've ever ridden a proper road bike any kind of distance, and the first time I've used proper road shoes and pedals (those things only work from one side! I can't remember the last time I picked up an injury from cycling but since last Thursday I've had numerous crotch-on-saddle incidents from sliding off the wrong side of the pedals and I've fallen down the stairs because road shoes are all smooth and slidey underneath. Typical!)

I have renewed vigour to ride as well, I did a lovely 100km last Thursday, followed by 25 miles Friday and another 40 miles today. It's partly due to the bike - which goes like stink by the way - and partly due to the fact that since prematurely ending the 30 in 30 after 20 days, I now actually want to ride my bike. It's kind of a habit now. The day doesn't feel right without going for a ride or at least doing some sort of exercise. I suppose that's a good thing considering what I've got coming up in the next five weeks, I need all the training I can get!


Simon said...

Ooo that looks proper speedy :)

G as in Chris said...

That stem looks really long for you though.

Anonymous said...

oh great, just what I need, a fit you


MTB Girl said...

Yeah I thought that about the stem, but when I get down on the hoods it's really comfy and a really good position.

Fit? Me? No fear of that, whoever you are! ;-)