Friday, 7 March 2008

"30 in 30" Day 1

Ah the simplicity of singlespeeds!

Didn't get up until midday so half of my 'to do' list had to be scrapped. I was rapidly talking myself out of starting my challenge as well, until I gave myself a kick up the arse, threw on a pair of shorts and t-shirt, grabbed my helmet and shoes and prayed that my Surly 1x1 would work straight off the shelf?

It did. After a small amount of GT85 and some coaxing of the freewheel. It was all still covered in mud from a few months back and slightly seized, but soon loosened up and I was happily spinning down the road.

My first hour clocked up and some very fun exploring in the woods around the golf course - not many miles but a good start. Only 29 more to go...

Sadly the other half of my challenge didn't last long; I went to the pub after work last night and then accidentally poured myself a large glass of red wine this evening. (Normal service is resumed Shelly, I'm feelin fine ;-)

And whilst I am still working on my Kilimanjaro adventure, I've started a flickr account to exhibit my photos. They can be found at Enjoy!

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