Sunday, 23 March 2008

Oh b#ll#@$!

I'm locked out of my bathroom! I got home this evening to find that the door wouldn't open more than a couple of inches, something was jamming it. Bugger! I got a small mirror and manoeuvred it around the door to see what the problem was - it was the wooden bath panel. The panel had been removed some months ago to get to the pipework under the bath. It had been leaning up against the bath ever since. It wasn't leaning any more.

After much reaching, scrabbling, stretching and trying to make my arm bend halfway between the elbow and the wrist, I gave up; I was running out of unbruised sections of my forearm for the door to rebound against. Lucky for me I have another toilet downstairs.

So currently, I can't move the bath panel, I can't lift the bath panel. There's something wedged underneath it so it won't lie flat on the floor. The door hinges are in the bathroom and I can't get to the hinge on the door itself. The door is made of solid wood. I'm locked out of my bathroom.

On a brighter note, I'm at the end of another week of my challenge: 13 hours, 125 miles. Much better totals than last week and I'm half way through. Whoopee!

Day 15, Friday - raining when I got home so just another hour on the turbo trainer.

Day 16, Saturday - a big day. 5 hours on the road doing a recce for the new Mayhem Classic Sportive that Patrick Adams is running as part of Mountain Mayhem this year; 100km and about 1600m of ascent. Luckily we didn't have any of the rain, hail or snow that the rest of the country was having, just gale force winds.

Day 17, Sunday - a little day. Span the legs out on the turbo for an hour. It's been a couple of months since I did a 5 hour ride so I thought it best not to push things if I have to ride again tomorrow. I had a wash in the kitchen sink. Did I mention I can't get into the bathroom?

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simondbarnes said...

Ooops! Managed to open the door yet?

I haven't done a 100km ride since last November :(